Booming startup taking on the fuel industry gets killer website
About OnlineFuels

OnlineFuels, founded in 2016 by James Stairmand, is the UK’s leading independent oil buying platform. Since it’s online fuel trading platform went live, the London-based startup has boomed. They needed a website to reflect their growth and their ambitious future plans.


Crayfish worked with OnlineFuels and created a new website to be launched alongside their new portal at the Federation of Petroleum Expo 2018. The website updated the OnlineFuels brand, introducing new fonts, colour schemes and designs to help website visitors to understand what OnlineFuels do and subsequently to create and account with them.



   Web Design


   Graphic Design


We're a startup, so we needed an awesome website that wouldn't break the bank as we ramp up. Since Crayfish Creative built our site, we've seen a massive increase in platform sign ups - it's already paid for itself.

James Stairmand, CEO for OnlineFuels.